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Some tips to help keep an eye on your senior neighbors during bad weather

In many parts of the country, there have been several bad storms resulting in power outages, high snowfall and icy conditions. All of these conditions are difficult for able bodied individuals to deal with, but they present extreme danger to elderly people who have mobility or health-related issues.

If you have elderly friends or neighbors, the State of Pennsylvania has some helpful tips:

• Shovel out their driveway and sidewalks and clear the front of all the doors so that even if the elderly occupant does not need to get out, medical personnel, home health workers or volunteers can get in. If the neighbor has a car, offer to clean off the snow, start it up and let it run for a few minutes.

• Engage in a conversation with your elderly neighbors. Ask them if their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work and if they have an adequate supply of oil, batteries, water, food and medications. If you are headed to the market, call and ask if you can pick anything up for them.

• Knock on the door of those you may not have seen out and about during and after the storm. Sometimes a quick check-in can make a big difference — for safety or for those who may be lonely.

We also would like to add:

• Make sure homes are properly heated.

• If you see mail building up or lights have been on or off for long periods of time, something might be wrong. 

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