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About Us

Love and Care was started as a partnership between an experienced European caregiver with a business degree and the son of her client, who went through a difficult and emotional process with his parents to help them get the care they needed to stay in their home. The events that so often unfold when elderly parents need care and the consequences that happen when care is refused is what brought Bruce and Katerina to the conclusion that there was an urgent need for high quality, dependable and affordable care that would be flexible enough to meet emerging and accelerating needs of aging family members and friends.

Our Philosophy:
We believe that people who have elderly family members and friends who need care can also benefit by additional information, guidance and support from people who have been through the process and experienced the frustrations of trying to find care and other resources for loved ones.

Our Mission:

  • ensure the best quality of life for our elderly clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable care
  • Offer additional advice and support to the families to help them through the process
  • Provide sensible solutions for a wide variety of issues like: paying for care, how to prevent repeated hospitalizations, how to increase independence through universal design, what care to offer the client who has just returned home from rehab, etc.