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A town that battles lonliness

Elders who are homebound face a daunting foe in their efforts to have quality of life. That foe is loneliness. When individuals with medical conditions or very limited mobility are living in their homes but don’t have companion care, they have a very real need for social interaction.

This interaction needs to be more than signing off on home deliveries and ordering food over the phone. Real, person-to-person interaction at least once or twice a week is critical to keeping the spirits (and health) of seniors in good shape.

This little town in Frome, England started a compassionate companion program and is not only helping elders tremendously, but also is garnering worldwide attention with 7 new towns joining the initiative. Consider having your place of worship or business sponsor a home visiting program for the elders in your location.

See what Frome is doing to help elders.

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