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Lewy Body Dementia (commonly misdiagnosed and misunderstood)

Lewy Body Dementia is a form of dementia that differs significantly from Alzheimer’s Disease in both symptoms and treatment. It is the second most common form of Dementia after Alzheimer’s; affecting 1.4 million people per year. It is most commonly associated with Parkinson’s patients, although Parkinson’s disease does not have to be present to have this dementia.

The Lewy Body Dementia Association presents “10 Things you need to know about LBD” (link below) to help inform families and caregivers of this particular form of dementia that includes symptoms like delusions and hallucinations as well as other more familiar symptoms.

10 Things you should know about Lewy Body Dementia

People with Lewy Body Dementia need very intensive full-time care. Due to the decline of physical health and motor skills associated with LBD, our loved ones who have this disease need excellent, compassionate care as well as significant medical management. If a family member is caring for an individual with LBD, respite care is essential. The needs of the person with LBD are extremely demanding.

Love and Care LLC provides care for individuals suffering from LBD as well as Alzheimers and we are familiar with the specific needs of these individuals through our own research and continued monitoring of LBD care.

Ending on a positive note however; LBD is manageable through medication. When properly identified and treated, medications that are approved for LBD can help patients retain physical strength and capability as well as limit the delusions and hallucinations that are both troublesome and frightening for the individual and their loved ones. Finding a caregiver that can do medication management and provide advocacy for the patient with their medical team is a skill that Love and Care caregivers have that can be particularly useful in the care of LBD and all dementia patients.

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