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Celebrating Mother’s Day with a parent who has Dementia

As Spring blossoms and we start to notice the beautiful plants and flowers returning; Mother’s Day arrives along with what can be a bittersweet celebration or visit.

When your mother has Alzheimer’s or Dementia, remembering the happy celebrations of the past while attempting to create a positive and memorable Mother’s Day event can be a challenge. It is ok to miss the way things were before the diagnosis or event that is creating a change in your parent’s behavior. While the celebration might not be the same as it was in years past, your mother will still enjoy your company and taking part in a visit or activity with you.

Large crowds and noisy spaces become harder to tolerate for individuals with Dementia so going to brunch or taking part in social activities might be more of a challenge than in years past. Making a Mother’s Day visit memorable can still be achieved by participating in activities that are quiet and soothing in nature and you can still make a memory to cherish the rest of the year.

Activities like planting a flower together (in a pot or outside) or taking a walk together on a beautiful day can be meaningful and enjoyable. Also, taking a family picture or making a video of a conversation can be a great way to commemorate the occasion so that your Mom can keep remembering the happy day you had together.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our clients and families from Love and Care LLC!

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