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Adult Day Programs are Awesome!

Adults with Alzheimer’s or Dementia often are placed in settings where they are isolated due to some of the behaviors associated with these diseases. Since both conditions are incurable; it is important to support the quality of life of our loved ones in addition to simply keeping them “safe.” Often we associate safety with keeping the individual away from social situations in addition to arranging an environment in which injury will be prevented.

This viewpoint is very common and seems logical for a family struggling to help a loved one with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. However, when deciding upon a plan for your loved ones lifestyle you might want to consider an adult day program. There are many benefits including:

*Socialization – Your loved one will be monitored by qualified and licensed staff for safety and comfort, but will be encouraged through activities to communicate with others in the program in a positive way.

*Occupation – Staying as active as your loved one’s health allows is of utmost importance for their quality of life. Even if the individual is not mobile, they need activities that challenge and stimulate them.

*Respite – Anyone who cares for an individual with Alzheimer’s or Dementia knows that every day can be a challenge and can be exhausting for the caregiver or family member as well as frustrating for the loved one. Adult day programs provide a “rest” for the caregiver for several hours and can be arranged several days per week to give the family or caregiver time to manage their own needs.

Here is some additional information about adult day programming from the Alzheimer’s Association. Use their community resource finder to look up programs in your area.

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