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Spring crafts for Seniors and Kids to do together

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We all know that Easter brings families together to visit and participate in a celebration of Spring. After asking some of my friends who have both small children and elders at these visits what they wished to see more of was “wishing the kids would spend more time with the elderly family members.”  After giving … Continue reading

Some tips to help keep an eye on your senior neighbors during bad weather

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In many parts of the country, there have been several bad storms resulting in power outages, high snowfall and icy conditions. All of these conditions are difficult for able bodied individuals to deal with, but they present extreme danger to elderly people who have mobility or health-related issues. If you have elderly friends or neighbors, … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Association event in Brewster March 8 – Don’t miss!

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Have you been looking after a loved one who seems to be getting more and more “forgetful” as time progresses? What is the difference between the simple forgetfulness of aging and Alzheimer’s? There will be an hour long presentation from the Alzheimer’s Association in Brewster this Thursday where the symptoms of Alzheimer’s will be discussed … Continue reading

The struggle for affordable homecare and worker’s rights

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As seniors age, more and more of them are seeking care at home. Sometimes the needs of those seeking care are very high, which takes a toll on home health workers who are often unpaid for a significant part of their shift. 2 Really important issues to address: 1. How to increase the number of … Continue reading

A furry companion for dementia patients

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Animal therapy has established benefits for individuals with Dementia as well as those with emotional and psychiatric issues. Many journal articles have been written about how having a pet corresponds directly with increased well being and decreased agitation and isolation. A recent development in animal therapy is bringing significant improvement in the symptoms of individuals … Continue reading