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Helping You with Your Personal Responsibilities

Personal cleanliness is important since it can contribute to better health. At LOVE AND CARE LLC, we strive to protect our clients’ dignity while providing the highest level of help. Our caregivers can help you with bathing, dressing, grooming, as well as other necessary errands. We Will Accompany You! Is it frequent for you or … Continue reading

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Seniors’ Emotional Health

Seniors tend to grow increasingly reliant on others when their emotional health deteriorates. It is for this reason why senior health care is so important. Companionship Program for Elderly Care There are people who are lonely and in need of company. They are the ones that are often left at home due to a variety … Continue reading

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What Elderlies Should Avoid Consuming

Food can be very tempting at times, but the sad thing is, as we grow older, we tend to be very vulnerable to illness and there are a lot of consumables that need to be avoided. Here are some of the foods the elderly should avoid: Raw Fish and Shellfish Unpasteurized Juices Raw Sprouts Raw … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Stress

It is common for us to be overwhelmed or stressed about things that happen in life, but this must not bring us down. Stress can be a very dangerous thing to keep within ourselves, this can lead to many negative effects on both physical and mental health. Make time to refresh and relax your mind … Continue reading

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Showing Some Love

The pandemic may have caused us to live separately but this shouldn’t stop us from showing our seniors how much we love them. Cognitive Development Activities Keep your loved one’s mind in tip-top shape through these fun activities that even the rest of your family can enjoy! Dancing Board Games Swimming and water aerobics classes … Continue reading

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