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A furry companion for dementia patients

Animal therapy has established benefits for individuals with Dementia as well as those with emotional and psychiatric issues. Many journal articles have been written about how having a pet corresponds directly with increased well being and decreased agitation and isolation.

A recent development in animal therapy is bringing significant improvement in the symptoms of individuals with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. Paro, the robotic seal, is the first in a new wave of robotic animals that act like the “real thing” without having to be cared for like a live animal. Studies have been conducted in nursing homes all over the country with favorable results.

Now, not only can you choose from a loveable seal, but you also can choose a robotic dog or cat. Each animal has species specific behavior (dog barking and wagging, cat purring and head butting) and has fur that feels real. At approximately $100; it can be included in the current arsenal of positive, affordable therapies for Dementia patients.

To read the actual study about “Paro” the seal, click here.

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